By stating your signature and your name clearly at the time of the handover of your shipment, you are the rightful owner of the documents or packages in which you will send your shipment to the specified address and you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • PCP Express is obliged to deliver the Shipper's documents or packages if the Shipper has correctly declared the package contents and delivery address and fully paid the shipping charges (unless there is a payment agreement).

  • It is prohibited to deliver and or include the following items in shipping documents or packages:
    • Cash or securities (checks, giro, securities, bonds, shares, certificates, airplane tickets, B/L (Bill of Lading), L/C (Letter of Credit), credit card, original BPKB and similar).
    • Letters, notes, posts, postcards, original marriage books, foreign passports, original diplomas and tender documents.
    • Items such as jewelry, precious metals, diamonds, and other precious stones are of high value.
    • Items that are flammable and/or explosive, toxic or that may damage other items and may endanger public safety.
    • Items that cause sharp and pungent odors such as durian, noni fruit, soft shell turtle , chili and other similar items.
    • Narcotics, psychotropic substances, liquor and other illegal drugs
    • Printed matter, recordings or other items that are contrary to the value of decency and can disturb the stability of security.
    • Certain recording items (hard drives, flash drives and other similar) have the potential to disrupt the order of public spaces.
    • Living things such as plants and animals, as well as preserved living things for animals.

  • PCP Express is not responsible and does not provide reimbursement for the following:
    • If the contents of the goods delivered do not match the acknowledgment of the contents of the goods.
    • Any technical risk arising during transportation that causes the delivery of goods to malfunction or changes their function, whether it concerns machinery and the like or electronic goods such as Smartphones, Tablet Computers, Smart TVs, Laptops and Desktops, Microwaves, AirFryers, Toasters and other similar items.
    • Specific or indirect loss or damage such as loss of profits, income, interest and future business as a result of delivery delay or loss of goods in the delivery process.
    • Leakage, damage and decomposition (spoilage) due to packaging carried out by the Shipper such as liquid goods, glassware, food, plants and others.
    • All detention and confiscation or destruction of a type of goods by authorized Government Installations such as Customs, AVSEC (Aviation Security), Quarantine, Attorney and other Agencies both within the jurisdiction of Indonesia and in the destination country.

  • If there is a discrepancy in the contents of the goods with the statement of the contents of the document or package as written on PCP Express Airwaybill, then the shipper is fully responsible if the contents of the goods contravene with the applicable legal provisions in the jurisdiction of Indonesia or the destination country. And PCP Express is not responsible for violations committed by these shippers.

  • The shipment is deemed to have been well received and legally valid when the Recipient has signed the proof of delivery. Thus, any claims made after the delivery or signing of the delivered goods are no longer the responsibility of PCP Express.

  • PCP Express without prior notice and approval from the Shipper, reserves the right to use other means of transportation in carrying out the shipment. The Shipper in this case is bound by the rules and conditions that bind PCP Express with the owner of the means of transportation or the party that conducts transportation cooperation with PCP Express.

  • For any domestic shipment of documents or packages that are lost or damaged, caused by PCP Express's negligence, PCP Express will replace a maximum of 10 times the shipping cost or a maximum replacement of Rp. 2.000.000.

  • For international shipments, if the package lost or completely damaged, PCP Express will make a compensation 1 time of the shipping fee or a maximum of Rp. 1.000.000. Whereas for lost document maximum 1 time of the shipping fee or a maximum of Rp. 1.000.000 for sending documents.

  • Specifically for the delivery of documents or packages through HIT (Same Day Service) and JET (Next Day Service) that are lost or completely damaged, PCP Express will only replace a maximum of Rp. 8.000.000 for HIT and Rp. 2.000.000 for JET adjusted to the value of the lost or damaged goods. If the Shipper wishes to be reimbursed more than the maximum limit due to the value of the goods shipped exceeding the above reimbursement limit, then the customer can pay the insurance premium according to the value of the insured goods. Reimbursement of insured goods will be settled by the provisions of the Insurance Contract Policy of PCP Express.

  • All reimbursement demands or claims can only be settled at the PCP Express office, provided that:
    • Minutes signed by the Receiver, Shipper and PCP Express Officer concerned.
    • Supporting documents such as original proof of delivery (Airwaybill) and invoice receipts of lost or damaged goods. Certificate from the police, identification (KTP/SIM), list of contents of the shipment and photos of damaged goods (for damaged goods).

  • For damaged goods, the claim submission limit is 1 x 24 hours after the goods are received, while for lost goods, the claim submission is not more than 30 days from the time the goods are handed over by the Shipper to PCP Express in the city of origin. If the claim submission is beyond the specified time limit PCP Express will not bear any compensation.

  • The calculation of shipment weight is based on the PCP Express scales that have been marked. The calculation is based on actual and volumetric weighing methods. The largest weight result between the two is considered the approved weight to be invoiced. The volumetric weight calculation formula refers to the table below:

    HIT, JET, TREX ( p x l x t )/ 6.000 = volumetric weight in Kg
    INTERNASIONAL ( p x l x t )/ 5.000 = volumetric weight in Kg
    GODA ( p x l x t )/ 4.000 = volumetric weight in Kg

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