By stating your signature and your name clearly at the time of the handover of your shipment, you are the rightful owner of the documents or packages in which you will send your shipment to the specified address and you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • PCP Express is obliged to send documents or packages belonging to the shipper, if the shipper has stated the contents of the package and the address correctly and paid in full all shipping costs (unless there is an agreement regarding payment).

  • Shippers are prohibited from sending or loading the items listed below in the shipment package:
    • Cash and securities (checks, current accounts, securities, bonds, shares, certificates, plane tickets, B / L, L / C, credit cards, original BPKB or the like)
    • Postal documents, postcards, original marriage books, passports, original certificates and tender documents.
    • Jewelry items and other valuables.
    • Explosive, toxic or other items which can damage other items.
    • Goods that can cause a sharp odor such as durian, turquoise, chili and others.
    • Narcotics, cannabis, liquor and other illegal drugs.
    • Printed matter, recordings or other items that are against the value of decency and can disturb stability, security and public order.
    • Certain recording materials (tapes, videos, optical discs, memory sticks and the like) for the purpose of shipment to certain countries.

  • PCP Express is not responsible and does not provide replacement for the following:
    • If the contents of the goods do not match the acknowledgment of the contents of the goods
    • Any technical risks that occur during shipment that cause the goods sent to not function or change function, whether involving machinery or the like or other electronic goods such as TVs, radio tapes, computers, cell phones, tablets and other similar items.
    • If a technical error occurs in the delivery of goods which results in non-material losses.
    • Leakage, damage or spoilage due to packing done by the sender for types of items such as liquid goods, glassware, food and others.
    • Loss of opportunity to gain benefits as a result of damage, loss and late delivery of goods.
    • Late delivery to the destination city and loss or damage due to force majeure which is not limited to riots, natural disasters, war, piracy and similar events.
    • All detention and confiscation or destruction of a type of shipment carried out by authorized government agencies such as Customs, Quarantine, Prosecutors' Office and other agencies both in the jurisdiction of Indonesia and the destination country.

  • If there is a discrepancy in the contents of the goods with the statement of the contents of the document or package as written on PCP Express Airwaybill, then the shipper is fully responsible if the contents of the goods contravene with the applicable legal provisions in the jurisdiction of Indonesia or the destination country. And PCP Express is not responsible for violations committed by these shippers.

  • The shipment is deemed to have been received in good condition and is legally valid if the recipient has signed the proof of statement. Therefore all claims made after delivery/ signing of the shipment are no longer the responsibility of PCP Express.

  • PCP Express without prior notice and approval has the right to determine the means of transportation in carrying out the shipment. The shipper is bound to the rules and conditions that bind PCP Express with the owner of the transport facility, the owner of the transportation facility or the party who cooperates with a foreign party or the party who cooperates with PCP Express.

  • For sending documents/ packages that are lost or totally damaged due to negligence of PCP Express, then PCP Express will make a compensation for 10 times the shipping cost or a maximum of Rp. 2,000,000.-

  • For international shipments, if the package is damaged or lost, PCP Express will make a compensation of the shipping fee or a maximum of USD 100 and a maximum of USD 20 for sending documents.

  • All claims for reimbursement of claims submitted will only be resolved at the PCP Express office by attaching:
    • Minutes signed by the recipient, shipper and designated PCP Express officer.
    • Supporting documents such as original proof of delivery (Airwaybill), insurance cover letter (if insured), invoice receipt for lost or damaged goods. Certificate from the police, identity card (KTP/ SIM), list of contents and photos of damaged goods (if the goods are damaged).

  • PCP Express will only accept claims for item damage 1 x 24 hours after the item is received. Whereas for lost items PCP Express will only receive claims 30 days after the date of shipment.

  • PCP Express will not accept claim in any form if the shipment has passed 30 days after the date of shipment.

  • The weight calculation will be carried out with two approaches, based on the actual weight and volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated by (length x width x height) cm / 6,000. PCP Express will use the highest calculation from both approaches.

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