Tips for Safely Wrapping Packages, Guaranteed Safe to Destination

Living in the modern era as it is today, it seems to make our activities easier, one of which is shipping goods. By taking advantage of the many delivery services that have sprung up, we no longer need to bother sending it ourselves to the address we are going to. We can save time to continue our other activities.

Likewise, the olshop or online shop businessmen are very loved by various kinds of customers who of course are also greatly helped by the package delivery service so that no matter how many orders they receive they can handle and no longer worry about shipping goods.

For this reason, some of the tips below will help you to maintain the security of the goods while in the shipping process so that they do not get damaged when they reach the hands of the intended person.

1. Pay attention to the type of goods The first tip before the goods are packaged is to sort out what category of goods will be sent, whether clothing, dry food, furniture and so on. It is also necessary to estimate the condition of the item whether this item is breakable, heat and cold air resistant, and how long the item can last in the wrapped condition.

2. Wrapping neatly and in detail The second tip that is very important when the item is available is to wrap it in detail and neatly. Moreover, when the destination address is quite far and have to travel quite a long time. Make sure you wrap items of any type using a coating paper that is durable and doesn't tear easily. Before being coated with wrapping paper, it's a good idea to prepare a small cardboard box to further strengthen the packaging. An important note for glass objects, or furniture that is sensitive, cannot withstand pressure, and so on, you can use bubble wrap as well to coat the deepest part of the item. If it's very urgent and you can't find bubble wrap, then you can use pieces of patchwork cut to the size of the item. In addition, another alternative, you can use a layer of sponge or foam made from soft so that it can hold the item so it doesn't crack. Once it's enough, don't forget to add the outer layer with duct tape and clear tape so that the package doesn't open.

3. Adding a note on the outside of the package The third tip is that after packing the goods, you can write notes that are easy to read and try to use bright colors so that the dispatcher can more easily identify your package later. In the note, write down the contents of the items in it and ask to be careful when moving the item.

4. Tell the courier to be careful The last tip when you send goods to a place where a delivery service is or when a courier comes to you, don't hesitate to order directly to the courier if the goods to be brought are glassware that requires caution. Lastly, don't forget to thank the courier