What is Shipping Insurance? Check out the Models and Types

JAKARTA - The homecoming holiday that has ended is usually synonymous with sending homecoming souvenirs. When returning from homecoming, usually someone does not want to carry a lot of luggage. For this reason, sending homecoming souvenirs via expedition is one solution. However, the sender needs to ensure that the homecoming souvenirs sent can arrive safely and safely. One way that can be used to ensure safe delivery is to add shipping insurance.

"Shipping insurance is an insurance product that provides compensation in the event of damage or loss of goods during the delivery process," OJK wrote on its Instagram account @ojkindonesia, quoted by, Tuesday (10/5/2022). Furthermore, it is stated that the use of shipping insurance is carried out when purchasing goods online through the e-commerce platform. Or, when sending through an expedition company also use a courier. Quoted from, basically shipping insurance aims to provide protection for the goods being shipped. For the record, the courier is not obliged to be responsible for the goods sent if damaged or lost due to accidental events. Therefore, it is the sender who must prepare for any risks by buying insurance. The following are the types of goods transportation:
1. Marine Cargo Insurance Marine Insurance provides guarantees or protection to manufactured goods against possible damage caused by shocks, or storms during the shipping process.Marine insurance is very important to use considering the risks are greater than air and land routes. Loads that are overloaded, prone to fire, goods that are usually combined with heavy goods, drowning, entry of water into goods, careless loading and unloading and many other risks through sea routes that can occur.

2. Land Freight Insurance Land Freight Insurance is an insurance product that guarantees loss or loss of goods during shipping by land. Obviously shipping on land also has a risk that is vulnerable to damage, especially if the goods being transported are goods that are easily damaged such as glassware, agricultural products that are easily expired and others. With land insurance, which usually works with expedition services, you can claim your product if something happens.

3. Air freight insurance Air freight insurance is a guarantee that can be claimed in the event of damage and loss of goods due to incidents from flights starting from receiving the package until the delivery period when the package is received in the city of delivery. The possibility of an accident in the air is relatively small, but the goods are exchanged, so that lost items on the plane become an incident that often occurs.