Get ready for package shipping costs to increase by 25%!

The price of fuel oil (BBM) has gone up. The impact will be felt everywhere, especially on tariffs or shipping costs. The Association of Indonesian Express, Postal and Logistics Delivery Service Companies (Asperindo) revealed that there will be an increase in shipping service rates. Chairman of the DPP Asperindo M Feriadi revealed that he was responding to the government's policy that decided to increase fuel prices by around 31% which had an impact on increasing operational costs of member companies with a significant increase.

Feriadi said that Asperindo members had held a meeting to discuss the increase in fuel prices. "Through a meeting on September 6, 2022 DPP ASPERINDO decided to recommend to members to increase the shipping service rate for member companies by a minimum of 25%," said Feriadi as quoted from the announcement letter, Wednesday (7/9/2022). He emphasized to all companies to implement ASPERINDO DPP decision.

Previously, Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Express Service Companies (Asperindo) Trian Yuserma said that prior to the increase in fuel prices, a number of cost components had increased. Some of them are air transportation costs and warehouse costs.

"Before the fuel price increase yesterday, we already felt a lot of fuel increases as well. Some time ago there were adjustments, there were air transportation costs that also increased, warehouse costs in airport areas, at other stations," he explained.

On the other hand, his party has also asked members to make efficiencies to reduce expenses. One of them is through digitization.

"Digitalization we streamline our work processes through digitization, for example the process of hand over goods that no longer need to use paper, no need for physical handover, but digital only," he said. "Now the trend is that the recipient by the customer also doesn't have a wet signature, but just takes a photo, that way we can make our process efficiency," he continued