PCP Express Officially Introduces Virtual Agent Application in Indonesia - The PCP Express courier company has officially launched an application called Virtual Agent PCP Express which can be downloaded on mobile phones.

Through this application, individuals and MSME businesses can take advantage of their business to simultaneously do logistics business with minimal capital.

Dennis Soemarno as CEO of PCP Express said that the presence of this application was due to the huge potential of the retail logistics market. Another factor is that the community has been constrained by capital to be able to have a logistics business.

"With minimal capital, PCP Express Virtual Agent gets various benefits," said Dennis, Tuesday (2/11/2021).

Among them, he added, package pickup at the Virtual Agent location without a minimum transaction value, cheaper shipping costs with a partnership price scheme, and various digital payment options available.

He added, PCP Express Virtual Agents can also get a commission of 20 percent from each shipping transaction value that can be disbursed every week.

The requirements to become a PCP Express Virtual Agent are also quite easy. They must have two-wheeled vehicles, smartphones, internet connections, portable scales, and meters.

Currently, PCP Express has conducted a Virtual Agent pilot project in the DKI Jakarta area. Dennis said that dozens of Virtual Agents had joined the pilot project.

The company is optimistic that the number of PCP Express Virtual Agents will increase to 250 by the end of the year or in a two-month period.

In the initial stage, the focus of PCP Express Virtual Agent expansion is in the DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Semarang and Surabaya areas. Furthermore, it will expand to other big cities such as Medan, Makassar, Bali, Balikpapan and Banjarmasin.

Through the PCP Express Virtual Agent application, the company's target market is transactions from online merchants (direct sellers), resellers, and dropshippers. Meanwhile, the commodities targeted by the PCP Express Virtual Agent service are clothing, electronics & gadgets, mother & baby equipment, personal care products, toys, and others. In addition to the Virtual Agent, PCP Express previously also provided applications for users (user apps). With this, users have a choice of services with a variety of digital payment options. Packages of users of this application will be picked up to the location without a minimum transaction fee.

"What is clear is that the high demand for courier services makes PCP Express believe that the Virtual Agent business scheme can increase the company's revenue in the long term," said Dennis.