Translation - "TikTok Shop Closed, Here is the Impact on Gen Z and Millennials"

Jakarta- The government closed TikTok Shop as a social commerce platform in order to protect the domestic market from heavy trade in imported goods. However, this regulation has had many impacts on Gen Z and Millennials.

As is known, the separation of social media platforms from e-commerce through Minister of Trade Regulation (Permendag) No. 31/2023 as a revision of Minister of Trade Regulation No. 50/2020 has been officially implemented by the government.

Shinta W. Kamdani as General Chair of Apindo said that this regulation is not in line with the trend of social commerce market segmentation which is dominated by the millennial generation and Gen Z, so that in terms of market demand it could be eroded.

According to Shinta, purchasing power and growth in demand for products among these groups actually develops from the influence of social media, so that for consumers social commerce is the answer to a need.

Aside from that, Shinta said that only Indonesia has banned social commerce, while almost all global social media players are expanding through this platform.

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