These Are Online Business Tips You Can Do During The Pandemic, Jakarta During the pandemic, business people switched online. Apart from being easy, some people have to work at home so that online shopping is a solution to stick to health protocols. Apart from being able to provide benefits like a conventional business, online business can apparently be done as a side business from home. Well, for those of you who want to try it, there's nothing wrong with starting now.

As a reference, reported by, here are tips for you beginners who want to do online business:

Choose a business that is on the rise

The first thing you can learn is to choose a business that is in high demand by people. This opportunity can make you flooded with orders later. For example, businesses make cloth masks or make snacks and meals online. For cloth masks, to make them more interesting, you can make them by adding colorful hues to the masks. For culinary, you can make healthy food for those who work at home.

Learn online business systems

In addition to having a concept for selling, first understand how an online business system is good and correct. Starting from the payment system to how the goods can get to the buyer properly. In addition, you also need to have time to buy and deliver the items you buy. For example, you sell packaged coffee, you create a delivery system at a certain time. In this case, making payments easier can make your business ogled by people and bought.

Create a social media account

It is very important for you when deciding to have an online business with a social media account. The reason is, social media can be a storefront for your selling items to be seen by potential buyers. In addition, they are facilitated by the purchase system and prices listed,

Therefore, create social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. Write in detail, the products sold, the purchasing system, to the information about the delivery.

Do not forget, make promotions on these social media. Make an eccentric photo, which can be an attraction for potential buyers. You can also create promos, such as buy 1 get 2 with the conditions you have made.

Join a place for business people

Having networking is very good for the business you are managing. By having other business partners, you can chat to get new knowledge from them.

Even though it's just sharing, sharing ideas, and information, this forum can certainly raise your business and other business actors.

Such as the 2020 Local Creative Festival held by Adira Finance. In the festival, Adira Finance collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to embrace Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

SME players will be guided to build the Indonesian economy through mentoring from leading business experts.

It should be noted, that currently the 2020 Local Creative Festival has started, and is in the stage of selecting UKM participants. In the 2020 Local Creative Festival there will also be a Local Creative Award which will look for the best SMEs from 1000 SMEs assisted by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Adira Finance consumers, and the general public.

From the total participants, 18 best UKM players will be selected from six categories, namely Culinary, Fashion, Craft, Photography, Video and Performance.

The winner, will be given venture capital with a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah, then will get business coaching, a joint mentoring program with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, an exclusive online booth at Bukalapak, and exposure in the media about their products and businesses.

Adira Finance also collaborates with several parties who have the same vision and mission to make the 2020 Local Creative Festival a success, one of which is MUFG Bank, Ltd.

MUFG Bank, Ltd. is one of the largest banks in the world, where Bank Danamon is a part of the MUFG Group. To note, Bank Danamon has 92.07% share ownership in Adira Finance, thus, as a subsidiary of Bank Danamon, Adira Finance is also part of the MUFG Group.