WFH Office Workers, Logistics Services in This Sector Are Sluggish, JAKARTA - The Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has flooded logistics service providers with orders, especially for delivering food products to customers due to limited activities outside the home. However, not all logistics entrepreneurs benefit from the impact of the Corona virus.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Express, Post and Logistics Shipping Service Companies (Asperindo) Mohamad Feriadi said that logistics services that usually deliver the needs of offices or shops have to be bitten off because many are closed.

"Players who rely on a lot, handle corporate customers or customers to the counters, they tend to decline. Why does this happen? We know that many industries have started to close, many shops, businesses are now shutting down, workers are starting to work from home so that if this happens? production decreases automatically the distribution drops, "he said in an online discussion via the YouTube channel, Friday (17/4/2020).

This was agreed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Zaldy Ilham Masita. According to him, logistics entrepreneurs whose business model is to serve corporations or what is commonly called business to business (B2B) are pressured by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the protection offered by online shopping platforms, the public is also encouraged to understand the importance of protecting personal data. Akmalia said one of the two was not telling anyone their password or OTP.

Ferry Kusnowo, Lazada Indonesia's Chief Customer Care Officer, added that periodic password changes were also required. "Don't use the same password for all online applications," he explained.

Ferry said, his party consistently continues to provide education to the public. In order to have a comfortable online shopping experience, his party always encourages the public to always be vigilant.

In addition, continue to make efforts to create a safe online buying and selling ecosystem. "There is an internal process to monitor (sellers in e-commerce). Because basically we are open to anyone who wants to start selling online," he said.

Periodically, his party will carry out a search. If you find a seller or product that is deemed not in accordance with the contract, there will be certain actions.

"If the seller doesn't respond to Lazada's message, we can take down the merchandise or close the shop directly," he concluded.