Indonesian Logistics Association: E-Commerce Boosts Courier Service Revenues Up to 30%

Indonesia's e-commerce industry is on an upward trend. Many people have predicted that this trend will continue for the next few years. The growing popularity of e-commerce in Indonesia turned out to make many parties reap the benefits. Not only the e-commerce players, industries such as logistics services also enjoy the results.

As stated by Chairperson of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Zaldy Ilham Masita, the e-commerce business has succeeded in boosting the income of courier or courier services business by 30% or reaching Rp. 50-70 trillion. This increase occurred thanks to the integration of services with online systems.

The increase mostly occurred in the Greater Jakarta area and Java. Some time ago a similar massage was also conveyed by the Head of Legal Affairs and Advocacy of the DPW the Indonesian Express, Postal and Logistics Services Association (Asperindo), Central Java Elvis Wendri. Elvis explained that revenue for shipping services in Central Java could reach up to $ 15 million.

"In the future, if e-commerce continues to grow, the prospect of the courier express industry will be very bright," said Zaldy.

Behind that, Zaldy still regretted that there are still many courier service companies that have not been able to integrate with the e-commerce services. According to Zaldy, there are still many companies that have not been able to build a solid information technology system. In addition, he also stressed the need for qualified human resources to be able to implement e-commerce systems. Furthermore, Zaldy also commented on the importance of infrastructure and warehousing. He said that the growth of courier express is also accompanied by warehouse needs.

If logistics services are able to grow due to the e-commerce industry, excellent service logistics services are needed to support the adoption of an online shopping trend. APJII data in 2014 mentioned the biggest reason people are reluctant to shop online because of the lengthy delivery process. (