Five Years of Assigning the Sea Toll Program, Here's Pelni's Evaluation, JAKARTA - PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or Pelni (Persero) has distributed loads of 22,497 TEUs to underdeveloped, remote, outermost and border areas or 3TP during the assignment of the Sea Toll Program for 5 years.

Director of Pelni Freight Transport Business Masrul Khalimi said that in the first year of cargo, or in 2015, the Pelni sea toll ship was recorded to only carry 99 TEUs of cargo. "Public trust continues to grow from year to year to take advantage of marine toll ships. This year, the total maritime toll cargo is 6,637 TEUs, consisting of 4,401 TEUs of departing cargo and 2,236 TEUs of return cargo, "Masrul said in a press release, Wednesday (4/11/2020).

He added that specifically for this year, evidence of the successful role of marine toll ships in growing the economy in the 3TP area was shown, one of which is in Morotai Island Regency which is served by two marine toll ships, KM Logistik Nusantara or Lognus 3 and KM Lognus 6.

Morotai has been included in the maritime highway route since 2017, but starting September 2020 the local government asked for an additional sea toll ship because the return cargo was not transported by only one ship. The addition of sea toll ships in Morotai proves that there is an increase in the economy in the region.

According to him, apart from stimulating the local business climate, the regular schedule of marine toll ships also plays a major role in reducing and maintaining the stability of prices for basic necessities in Morotai.

In the early stages of the marine highway program being launched, Pelni was the only marine toll operator. However, along with the development of the maritime highway program, there are several operators apart from Pelni, namely other state-owned companies and private shipping companies.

Early in the implementation of the Sea Toll program, Pelni received three routes, namely T-1 (KM Caraka Jaya Niaga III-22), T-2 (KM Caraka Jaya Niaga III-32) and T-3 (KM Caraka Jaya Niaga III-4). Then, as the Government's confidence increases in Pelni to carry out sea highway assignments, there are additional routes every year, namely in 2016 as many as six routes, in 2017 and 2018 as many as seven routes, and in 2019 receiving three hub routes and ten feeder routes.

For information, it was recorded that the most cargo companies transported by Pelni in 2020 were industrial materials such as logs, cement, plywood, zinc, ceramics, construction steel, mild steel and asphalt, amounting to 390 TEUs. As of October 2020, there was a 178 percent increase in cargo from 2,396 TEUs in 2019 to 6,653 TEUs.