Viral 5th grade elementary school children COD Lazada transactions don't want to pay because there's not enough money

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Buyers with the COD system act again. A tweet on Twitter about a child whose COD transaction at Lazada is being discussed.

It started when the @steyapo account as a seller at Lazada complained that a lot of his merchandise was being returned for trivial reasons, the buyer didn't have the money to pay.

. In the screenshot he uploaded, the buyer who claimed to be a child who was still in the 5th grade refused to pay because he did not have money.

In that thread, @steyapo claimed to get a similar message at least once every week. So he suggested that every e-commerce block buyer who failed to pay for the COD package for no reason. "Yesterday I received 10 package returns because the buyer didn't want to pay / claimed he didn't order / didn't want to pay because there wasn't enough money. Even though most of the items cost under IDR 25,000. The 6 pcs that came back yesterday were slime with a bottle of IDR 10,000 even," he wrote in English, Saturday (5/6/2021).

According to him, this is very detrimental to the seller because the goods that have been returned are usually in bad condition or even many do not return. "I know e-commerce platforms are all about making money, but can the UI/UX designer make extra verification for the COD system like you do for online payments," he asked.

The owner of the @steyapo account realized that removing the COD system was not a good solution because many buyers chose COD. However, he regrets that the COD system does not have extra verification such as entering a password before verifying the transaction. In another screenshot, the boy's mother admitted that her son opened the Lazada app without his knowledge.

Netizens also responded to the tweet with various responses, some regret that it happened while others criticized it.

"I rarely shop using the COD method but is it really that easy with the COD method? There's no security for entering a pin or something so that we know if we want to process orders using the COD method?" write account @strnmjd. "If it's really a 5th grader, it's the parents' fault, how can he allow children to download e-commerce applications, understand how to do transactions again, even though Lazada is classified as complicated in appearance. The weaknesses of the COD system are many, it should have been before COD transactions , there is an ID or NIK verification," wrote the account @Caram3l15.